Rick Harrison | Las Vegas, $4 Million

Richard Kevin Harrison is an American businessman, reality TV host, and the owner of the gold and silver pawnshop selected by the historical series Pawn Stars. He has a net worth of $9 million. Rick Harrison is no stranger when it comes to dealing with good investments. In fact, he knows a lot of trade secrets on how to be successful in that craft, considering his family has a pawnshop business where all kinds of goods come in and out.

The same can be said about the property he placed on the market last year. Harrison also explained that the property comes with all kinds of fixtures that have more worth than you can imagine. He spent around $600,000 for the house’s renovation over the years so new buyers needn’t worry about anything, from the plumbing to the electricity, to all the other internal features of the home. His Vegas estate is for sale for $4 million.