Find Out Your Favorite Celebrities’ Insane Hobbies Here

It can be quite easy for us to forget that the celebrities we know and love have off-screen interests and lives outside of their work. However, as we get to know their hobbies, we often learn that many of them are just like us, in a way. Who would’ve known that an award-winning actress can be passionate about knitting? While it isn’t exactly a surprise to have a hobby, it often intrigues us to learn about the hobbies of some celebrities.

We’re taking a deep dive, and we’ve managed to round up some of the most interesting hobbies of your favorite celebrities. Some of the hobbies in this list are even strange to a certain degree and completely unexpected. The list is pretty diverse; whether it’s collecting something rare and obscure into taking Tom Cruise in a fencing match, something we can’t relate to.

Nicole Kidman | Skydiving

Nicole Kidman is an incredibly successful American-born Australian actress. She’s appeared in several films, and she’s received numerous awards and recognition throughout her career. Kidman is best known for her performances in films like Cold Mountain, Bewitched, The Upside, and many more. There’s certainly no doubt that she’s one of the most influential actresses in modern film history.

Despite being really good at acting, Kidman does not just spend all of her time perfecting her craft. An interesting fact about this award-winning actress is that she’s an adrenaline junkie! She has a skydiving license, and she even encourages other women to get their licenses too. She says that it’s the closest thing to flying and that there isn’t any degree of difficulty involved in engaging with this activity. Though it may sound incredibly inviting, we’ll have to think twice about making skydiving our hobby.