Dream … Believe… and Act! Get To Know These Famous People Who Dreamed Big And Made I

Most people believe in becoming successful one day. Do you? Most likely, you do—but how do we define success precisely? Does that mean having more than $1 million in the bank? Does that mean having all sorts of credit cards in your pocket? Does that refer to the ability to travel at a whim? For many, success is really subjective and is usually coupled with contentment. When do you say you are happy and content with what you have; who is to stop you from saying you are successful, right?

The list below features wealthy individuals, who like many of the people in the world, were born poor or had extenuating circumstances as a child. They did not allow those to hinder their way to financial success. One of those below was rejected so many times she felt like giving up. Does that seem like a familiar situation? Perhaps, because it is normal to think of giving up when the world does not favor you, but there is one message all of them say: you have to dream big and slowly work on getting those dreams fulfilled.

Howard Schultz | Businessman, Author

Almost at every turn, there is a Starbucks outlet. This has been the typical person’s coffee place and has even become a spot for business. The man behind such an iconic brand is none other than Howard Schultz, who served as Starbucks Coffee Company’s CEO from 1986 to 2000. Given his current success, it would be hard to imagine that Schultz came from the projects. The family could not even pay the mortgage for a private home—but those days are now gone.

What propelled the businessman to success was dreaming big. In a podcast interview, he revealed he did not like a 9-to-5 job, which he had in Starbucks, the inspiration to his company. He quit his job there and started his own, called Il Giornale, which later merged with the original Starbucks—yes, where he used to work. This combined company singlehandedly changed people’s coffee habits in Seattle and, after that, the world.