Exciting Stories Of How Celebrities Lose Weight That Will Motivate You

Losing weight has become a significant topic these days. If shedding some extra pounds is considered a big deal for the general public, imagine what it would be like for a celebrity who has to maintain a certain image.
The degree of physical demands for being in the spotlight can be very high, therefore, celebrities also need to take care of their health. Today’s advancement in medicine and technology has provided people with numerous options in losing weight.
Despite having an easy alternative, some celebrities still choose the conventional method of losing weight by keeping a healthy diet and doing exercise. Here is a list of celebrities and their weight loss journeys.


American comedian Liz Torres is well known for her portrayal of Mahalia Sanchez in the series The John Larroquette Show that earned her Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards nominations. Torres also played “Miss Patty” in the family drama Gilmore Girls. She was famous for her heavyweight character which is why people were astonished to see her thinner on the reboot of the show on Netflix. Torres began her career as a comedian and singer working on the city’s nightclub circuit with his friend Bette Midler.

There are speculations that Torres has undergone an operation called gastric bypass surgery to lose extra pounds, however, the surgery might have caused her to appear older than her age. She neither denied nor confirmed these allegations about her weight loss. She seems satisfied with her current size and critics assume that her weight loss earned her a role in Chick Flick. This proves that her investments paid off well.