Stars That Made Smart Investments: Best Business Minded Celebrities In Hollywood

In the past, when we talk about celebrities, we don’t associate them with smart investments. Now, things have changed, and these stars made a significant impact in making a profit out of their businesses.

With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, it is easy to lost track of what your goals are and what you wanted to do. In some cases, some stars end up in bankruptcy because of bad money management skills. However, there are lots of actors and actresses that use their hard-earned money to put into smart investments. With that in mind, here are the few celebrities that made wise business decisions that helped them with their financial needs.


Justin Timberlake might have learned a thing or two about finances and investments in his role in the hit film The Social Network. If people recall, the artist portrayed Sean Parker, a famous investor and the first president of a social media platform, Facebook.

By the looks of it, this role made him realize the importance of investment to gain financial stability. To back this up, Timberlake took part in a multi-million dollar deal for the buyout of MySpace. The contract was said to be about $35 million all in. However, there is very little news available on how much was his portion in that $35 million.

If we take a look at his investment portfolio, he placed a lot of capital in various businesses, including a large chunk in a clothing brand and a golf course. He also chipped in a small cut in a photo start-up business and bought shares in a software company.


Lady Gaga is not only known for her unique style of performing, but she also has a considerable interest in making money through smart investments and establishing start-up businesses. The pop singer recently became a significant shareholder in a company that runs a platform where stars from both the music and sports industry can connect with their fans across different social networks.

With the help of her influence and knowledge in the industry, Lady Gaga, along with other shareholders, managed to raise around $1 million of additional investment to the venture. If you think that this is the first time she showed interest in placing a smart stake in a tech company, the answer is no.

A few years later, she collaborated with Zynga, a game developing company, and worked on releasing a FarmVille extension called GagaVille.


Aston Kutcher is always one of the best-rounded actors in the industry. He made a ton of fortune in his acting career, and he is also making a smart move when it comes to placing wise investments in various companies that can bring him more stable income.

One of the most noticeable ventures he made in the past few years is his positioning on Skype. Back in the late 2000s, he got himself a deal with that small company. It was a calculated move, and the reward he reaped was off the charts.

Down the line, he established an investment firm called A Grade Investment, which holds shares in various tech start-up companies. He and his investment firm are involved in different companies, such as the social magazine app Flipboard, the vacation rentals web services Airbnb and the location-based service called FourSquare.


Kim Kardashian’s family is no stranger when it comes to the limelight of Hollywood and media. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was one of the attorneys that had been part of OJ Simpson’s legal team that handled his controversial case in the ‘90s.

Nowadays, she’s one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood. She didn’t only make herself famous, but she also proved her worth as a substantial investor.

During the late 2000s, Kim and her business partners founded an online store that catered shoes and accessories. Recently, her investment became a huge success, and it has a reported 3 million customers across the board. These customers also pay a premium amount just to have access to a personalized selection of fancy hoes, handbags, and jewelry.

There are other celebrities who have a good sense of money management that engaged themselves in businesses. With these stars leading the way, we might see a future that is filled with successful people both in the entertainment and business fields.

Based on the materials from Investopedia
Photo Sources:, Yahoo, Fox News, and Forbes