Karl Lagerfeld: The Best Fashion Tips From The Iconic Fashion Designer Himself

White hair, black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, and high, starched, detachable collars – these are Karl Lagerfeld’s signature style. Aside from the looks that we know him for; the late fashion icon is also a man of many things. He was a creative director, fashion designer, artist, photographer, and caricaturist. What couldn’t Lagerfield do?
Until today, Lagerfield is the epitome of fashion. He used to be Chanel’s creative director from 1983 until his death earlier this year. He was also the artistic director of the fashion house Fendi and his own eponymous fashion label. He even worked for a variety of fashion and art-related projects throughout his lifetime. Surely, Lagerfield had hefty of investments when he was still alive.
With his vast knowledge, Lagerfield is the best guy that can give you the best advice about fashion. Although he is now gone, here are the best fashion tips that he left us behind.


Fashion can be your statement. Lagerfield believed that people should express themselves, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs through their fashion choices. Your look should be like a book; people should be able to read you. You can freely express yourself by wearing your mind and soul through your clothes.


When buying new clothes and following the trend, Lagerfield advised that you should do it for yourself and not for others. Buy what looks good on you. If you fit something and it makes you smile, he said that it is the one for you. If it doesn’t spark joy, don’t buy it. Buying clothes is like an investment, you have to buy the clothes that you can wear over time, something that compliments you, and makes you happy.


If you are going out on the weekend, Lagerfield revealed that you could try mixing and matching casual clothes with formal appearance. This trick always works well. If you only wanted to opt for a simple shirt and jeans, you should make your hair look perfect. If you’re a man, your beard should be well-trimmed and shaped. A formal look always works best with the casual outfit. This contrast makes your outfit stands out.


After mixing and matching, you can check the rest of your wardrobe and recreate it. With an array of clothes you have, you can surely make a new combination of outfits. It doesn’t only make you more fashionable, but it can also help you save up. The extra cost can be added to your budget on gas, electricity, and other expenses. You only have to be creative. If you have a shirt that you only wear on special occasions, you can wear it with your favorite jeans and leather trainers to give it a new look. If you have an expensive designer jacket, you can also pair it with your shirt, sweater, or a thin hoodie. You’ll have a new set of clothes in an instant without spending.


For Lagerfield, there is no such thing as too many black clothes. You should make buying black pieces your major investment when it comes to clothing. In fact, Lagerfield himself was rarely seen in an outfit that was not based on black.
If you find wearing a black outfit looking flat, you can give it a boost by playing with textures, like wearing a black cotton shirt with a black satin tie. You can also add up some color, such as wearing a red belt or white shirt. It will not only make you look bold but also fashionable. Surely, you can never go wrong with black on any occasion.

Materials are based from Designer Wear
Photo Sources: Fashionista and Keranews