Celebrities Who Have Insane Insurance Policies

Famous celebrities have insane insurance policies. Some of these policies are taken out by the celebrity to ensure future income after an injury or illness, while others are taken out by the companies that profit from celebrity endorsements. All are worth a laugh or two.

Insurance companies are here to help us in our dire needs if we are ever caught in the middle of a traphole. They are created to protect our bread and butter – the assets that bring fortune to us. However, have you heard or seen the most bizarre insurance policy that ever existed? Well, we are here to give you a treat.

Celebrities and wealthy people usually opt for the not-so-average insurance coverage present in our modern-day society. Typically, insurance covers properties, including businesses, houses, and cars, but wait till you see what’s on the list.


Long, slender, and beautiful legs are essential, especially if you are working in the fashion industry and the supermodel, Heidi Klum is no stranger when it comes to this. Her legs are one of her best-selling points as a model, and one of the companies she’s endorsing took out an insurance policy for her legs that has a total amount of $1.6 million.

What’s cool about her policy is that one of her legs has more insurance coverage than the other. The discrepancy is because of a small scar in her left leg. Recently, there have been reports that her policy got reinstated, and the coverage has gone to $2 million.


For all football junkies out there, one glance of Troy Polamalu’s hair will quickly justify the insane insurance coverage this guy gets. He’s one of the best athletes that ever played the game and arguably one of the most famous ones.

As an athlete, we think that his legs, arms, or other parts of his body need insurance. You might be wrong in this regard. In fact, it is his crowning glory – his long beautiful hair – that is insured.

Proctor and Gamble put a lot of investment in Troy’s hair to the point that it needed to be insured. The endorsement deal that Troy got is locked for $1 million. However, he is not allowed to cut his hair for over ten years. Well, if you ask us, well, completely ignore our barber’s order in exchange for a million-dollar.


It is no surprise that America Ferrera has one and, if not, of the most beautiful smile in Hollywood. With that said, a toothpaste company decided to make a smart investment for signing her to an endorsement contract. What’s interesting is that the company also insured her smile for a whopping $10 million!

Overall, that move is also a part of fundraising for a charity called Smiles for Success. Aside from her solid work in charities, she is even an active advocate of women’s rights and other noteworthy causes.


David Beckham is probably one of the best football players that ever stepped foot on the field. Hence, it is evident that he needs to be in his top shape always. He also amassed a large amount of fortune playing the game. At one point, he was even named as the highest-paid athlete in history if we include his salary and his endorsement contracts. Well, he wouldn’t worry about personal loans if that’s the case.

Aside from that title, he also holds a personal insurance policy that ensures his own body against illness, injuries, and other disfigurements.


Similar to Heidi Klum, Mariah Carey also has an insurance policy that covers her legs. In fact, she invested around $1 billion to cover this! That’s a lot of money, and we are not sure if her financial advisor approved that move. However, it is what it is, and she already signed the deal.

PHOTO SOURCES: Variety, Pinterest, As English, and Pixabay